ASFAT, The New Brand of Turkish Defense Industry

Minister of National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, at military factories ...

We observe that Minister of National Defense Mr. Hulusi Akar has been visiting or taking part in an activity at a defense industry facility, factory or company every week without any exception.

Mr. Akar visited the 1st Main Maintenance Factory Directorate in Arifiye, which was the subject of discussions in 2019. He responded to the criticism of the opposition with very clear statements and underlined that there will be neither sales nor personnel elimination. He said that the main purpose is to bring the idle capacity together with technology and investment, and export the manufactured products to friendly and allied countries. The following week, he participated in the grounding ceremony of BMC's Manufacturing and Technology Base in Karasu.

ASFAT, The New Brand of Turkish Defense Industry

What a pride to see the striking rise in numbers, indicating how much the Turkish Defense Industry has grown. The sector has doubled itself 10 times compared to the beginning of the 2000s; we see that defense and aviation exports of 248 million dollars in 2002 became 2.4 billion dollars in 2018. The level of exports is very important with the turnover and number of projects. This is also the proof of the sector's reputation and competence in the international market.

There is no doubt that these numbers will rise even more quickly. The state's recent most important defense industry policy was to establish the ASFAT, due to its mode of operation and establishment law, will bring a new face to both the technical and managerial aspects of the military factories, which have turned the wheel for more than half a century. This will improve the capabilities of the factories; modernize and provide them to operate in full capacity for export-oriented activities. Thus, military factories and naval shipyards, which used to produce only for the needs of our armed forces, will now be able to sell defense products to the world market.

ASFAT's vision is to help small-medium sized companies to enter the global defense industry sector, by also supporting the private sector.