ASFAT received the Jury Grand Prize

The "Stars of Exports" ceremony where the successful companies leading Turkey's exports are given awards, was held for the 17th time this year with the participation of Deputy Minister of Commerce Gonca Yılmaz Batur and National Defense Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere.

Export champions were recognized for their contribution to economic growth, and 22 companies in 11 categories won awards among 298 companies.


Deputy Commerce Minister Yilmaz Batur who spoke at the program, pointed that Turkey is having a growth model based on production and export and said that they have increased their support with a focus on design and brand development.

Mr. Batur, giving information about the supports for exporters, stated that " Although we make international production in terms of the product and technology we offer, it is not possible for us to increase the export figures without creating branding and international stance. In 2018, we provided education and life support for 143 designers abroad. By keeping this up and increasing these numbers, we are working to bring our country to a better point in the innovation and design league. "
Deputy Minister of National Defense Mr. Muhsin Dere, also referring to the recent studies performed in the defense industry in Turkey, said that they were proud of the achievements of companies in the defense industry.

Mr. Dere pointed out that there is a long way to go for small companies to grow to be exporters and to strengthen the ones in the middle of the pyramid, he said “We have made serious efforts in terms of preventing foreign dependency, but companies did not enter a competitive environment and did not think much about exports because they were already producing for the state. When we reach a certain point in the rate of localization, our companies started to find a place in the world competition. We have established a company to get rid of the long process of bureaucracy in order to make our centuries-old companies export.