As ASFAT, Our integrated quality management policy;
  • ➢  Fulfilling all administrative requirements and providing resources to provide the devices, vehicles and fulfil infrastructure needs of the defense industry sector,

  • ➢  Assigning our employees to ensure the competencies required by defense industry sector, providing necessary knowledge and skill level through making continuous training and career planning,

  • ➢  Managing our processes to meet customer expectations, to manage risks & opportunities, to secure customer expectations,

  • ➢  Reducing our costs by reducing the use of resources, especially our organization’s, in general, the entire country and as well as world considering waste management processes to save environment,

  • ➢  By managing our risks and opportunities to ensure employees, that is our value, work in a healthy environment and to provide the occupational safety conditions, taking precautions to protect the health of employees,

  • ➢  Making risk assessments in a such way to provide confidentiality, accessibility, and integrity in order to ensure information security by carrying out information technology processes to secure information of our country, customers, business partners and organization, and ensuring the security of information assets we manage,

  • ➢  Selecting and working with our suppliers, that contribute to activities of our company, such a way that ensuring that they comply with ASFAT's quality, environment, occupational safety, and information security requirements,

  • ➢  By fulfilling legal and contractual requirements, harmonizing the legislation we need to apply regarding quality, occupational health and safety, environment and information security to our business processes and ensuring its implementation,

  • ➢  To improve continuously, to serve in confidence and thus inspire confidence to all the partners we work together,