ASFAT, active in both the operations area and defense industry, is a project management company that is highly capable of creating result-oriented solutions based on requests in a wide range of areas.

An efficient solution partner of defense industry in exports.

ASFAT, capital of which completely belongs to the public, was founded within the Ministry of Defense on the 12th of January 2018, based on the 12th Additional clause of the Law numbered 1325. The Corporation, authorized to execute agreements “from State to State”, is taking an active role in solving the potential exportation problems which can be experienced by companies in the defense industry .

Power and experience that will compete in the world-wide defense industry .

ASFAT, thanks to its highly qualified and expert work-force in its 27 military factories and 3 military shipyards, the experience of over 100 years, and the R&D activities, creates joint partnership production and design solutions. Furthermore, the corporation improves the capabilities and technical skills of the aforementioned military factories and shipyards, provides modernization of maintenance facilities, maximizes the production facilities, and contributes to the improvement of the capacity. Power and experience to compete in the world-wide defense industry.

Alternative solutions with the power of flexible project-management approach.

The Corporation, with life-cycle management and the synergy stemming from public and private sectors partnership, provides all the friend and ally countries with innovative solutions in design, production, training, maintenance, and sustainment processes by the approach of a solution partner. ASFAT, in collaboration with AFGM and TGM, manages to introduce the broad experience of the Turkish Defense Industry to the world, contemplates the issues based on the requests with an unrestricted point of view, and manages and executes project-designing processes. The number one profit ASFAT offers is time; by providing its partners with low cost – yet high-end quality solutions in the shortest amount of time possible.

A structure that allocates a majority of its revenues to modernization.

The most valuable asset of ASFAT is a qualified workforce. Thanks to this strength, ASFAT constitutes a more effective, modern, productive, and technological eco-system by allocating its revenues to military factories and shipyards. Dynamic, quick decision making, and prioritizing of digitalization corporate structure. ASFAT, the most valuable asset of which is its qualified and expert staff, with the people-oriented project management, is the efficient Solution Partner of the Defense Industry.